The CEO of PrettyYanii Apparel & Hair


    My name is Pretty Yanii, and I'm the owner of Pretty Yanii Apparel & Hair. I am 28 years old, a small black-owned business owner. I currently reside in Charlotte, NC. I am originally from Queens, New York, but I moved to North Carolina 16 years ago. I proclaim to be a Southern New Yorker. I’m a North Carolina A&T State University alumna with a B.S. in International Management. I recently published File Your Trademark like a Pro: Keys to Trademarking for Entrepreneurs (The Ultimate Guide) on I am a published model. My modeling and past club-promoting career pushed me to start my business. I like to change my hairstyles frequently due to my lifestyle. I had a hard time finding great quality hair that was reusable. The hair I was buying will shed, have a dull look, and the texture will change. That's when I knew I had to start my hairline. I wanted to provide good quality hair that has no tangling, shedding or has an odor. I've succeeded with my goal!

         Being raised in New York City is an everyday fashion scene. I was spending an excessive amount of money on clothes. Then I remember when I was a little girl at my grandmother's house in the backroom playing "store." I was pretending to run a clothing and hair store. I would sit and sketch designs of different clothing pieces. My mom brought me a blue sewing machine because I begged for one. I wanted to start sewing and making clothing. I used to take old shirts and make clothes for my baby dolls. I didn't have anyone to teach me how to use my sewing machine. I got frustrated not receiving the help I wanted, so I threw out my sewing machine. Fast forward to, December 2019 I received a direct message on my website. February 2020, I did a soft launch at my first pop-up shop of Pretty Yanii Apparel, offering lingerie. As you can, see I've expanded since then. I plan to expand the apparel brand when I start improving my sewing skills. I'll design my clothing from start to end and introduce everyone to my style on a serious tip.

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